HappC is a platform that allows you build a happy career for yourself. You can take courses to improve your skills, take short quizzes to learn more about yourself and your preferences, write in your career diary to keep track of all your career highs and use RateMe to find out what others in your network think about you. The more time you spend on the app, the more HappC will be able to give you strong insights to help you have a happy career.

Anything you do on HappC is meant just for you and will not be available to anyone else, unless you choose to share it with others. However, your activity on the app might be used by the HappC team to generate customised insights for you.

No, just like others cannot see your activity on HappC, you will not be able to see theirs. However, they, too, have the option of sharing some of their activity with you, if they wish to.
HappC can be downloaded and used for free. Some specific courses, quizzes and premium reports may need to be purchased within the app. These are optional and will be explicitly mentioned as and when applicable.
Yes, you can use the share feature throughout the app to share any of your activity to others in your network. You can even recommend the same to them, if you think it will be beneficial.
The questions shown as notifications or when you open the app is to help HappC get to know you better, so that the insights and recommendations can be better customised for you. You can, however, control the frequency of these by going to the Settings tab in the menu and choosing the desired frequency.
You can change details like your name, location, occupation, designation etc. through the My Profile section in the HappC menu. To change contact information (email ID or phone number), get in touch with us through the Contact Us section and we will help you out.

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